Affordable Websites

Whether you are starting a business or you already have a small business up and running, having a website is definitely a must-have in order for your business to thrive in this day and age.

The problem is a simple, basic website can cost up to $3,000 plus monthly maintenance. Unless you are willing to pay even more, you may feel the quality of a site for such a cost is low. You could do the work yourself, if you have some basic coding skills and the time to find the resources that will help you to build a professional but affordable website. But sifting through the wealth of resources and copyright laws that are available online can be overwhelming, if not extremely time-consuming.

Rad Websites are created using WordPress, the world’s largest platform for website creation, used by Best BuyBeyonce, Rolling Stone, The Walking Dead AMC, Katy Perry, NASA, Sony Music, and more.


Your costs are flat-rated, with three annual updates included in each package. You simply pay once and get a high-quality website along with three updates over the course of a year included in the initial cost. You do not have to pay additional monthly upkeep costs (apart from hosting) if you only seldom update your information on your site. You have the option of receiving continued support to keep social media, photos, blog features, etc. updated regularly.

The best part is you could be paying as low as a tenth of the cost that you would normally pay for a small business website, without missing out on professionalism, functionality, and originality. If you are ready for your business to have a solid online presence, check out our options today.